The Death Cross: JPM’s stock price poised to cross below price of silver – Max Keiser

In News on May 11, 2012 at 10:13 pm

Max Keiser

As we’ve been saying for two years. JPM uses it’s own stock to collateralize naked silver short positions (echoes of Lehman and Enron). My analysis has concluded that liability from a rising silver price vs. loss of collateral value of the stock renders JPM’s balance sheet null and void when JPM’s stock price drops below the price of Silver. We’ve only seen this a couple of times since I made this call two years ago, BUT NEVER ON A SUSTAINED BASIS of more than a day or so. When the price of Silver popped over JPM’s stock price, the London desk quickly fabricated a few billion fresh naked silver shorts to tamp silver’s price down. Given this week’s revelations regarding JPM’s reckless balance sheet incineration the ‘crash jp morgan, buy silver’ trade has never been more important as a way to take down this financial terrorist. The SLA has been winning battles all along. Now we are poised to win the war as well. Bye-bye Jamie. NOTE TO HEDGE FUNDS: Sell JPM’s stock naked to Hell. This is the easiest money you’ll make this year.

The JPM losses are the whiff of a significant deflationary force in play. JPM losses as a wise PM told me – $2 billion why not $20 billion. Is this bad risk management? This loss happened in the risk mitigation unit and not a risk taking one. There have been dislocations in the credit market these last few months and now we know why.

Is it that the derivatives risk is becoming more and more centered with a few banks, and collateral is just not forthcoming because the collateral has been promised many times over? As we move towards central clearing of these contracts will we see legal reconstitution of said contracts to obfuscate the reality that they are worthless. They are being exposed for the sticks of dynamite, under the foundations of the financial system, that they are.

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